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Kikuyu Lawn Grass - Paspalum notatum


Kikuyu is an ideal lawn if you have high traffic. Also use as pasture for livestock grazing. Ideal for areas with high amounts of wear and tear.


It is a light green, creeping lawn which spreads long runners across the ground aiding it in repairing damaged areas quickly. It is a vigorous grower. Drought tolerance but does not prefer coastal areas due to low pH levels. Spreads well via vegetative reproduction from pieces of rhizome, or dispersed via seed. This is the ideal lawn if you have high traffic (activity).


Warm season. 10-30°C. In winter, goes into dormancy, but root growth is still present.


Thrives in most soils. Ideal pH 6,5 and above. Grows best in sandy, lime clay soil (fairly fertilize soil). Fertilize every 3 months at 225 g nitrogen per 100 m².


Full sun to partial shade. Has a high wearability and ability to recuperate well - nonetheless it has a poor shade tolerance due to low pH under trees.


Easy to maintain. It is drought tolerant and requires regular input with regards to fertilizer and insecticides. Mow once or twice a month, 2 ½ - 8 cm. Can be established using either vegetative material (sprigs, sods or plugs) or seed. Pest trouble in the form of army worms; prone to brown patch and dollar spot. Fungus worst enemy. It is resistant to mowing and grazing due to its strong network of roots, which easily send up new shoots.

Agropyron spicatum (wheat kikuyu grass) :

Kikuyu seed grass – for grazing animals.