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Fynkweek Lawn - Cynodon dactylon


Soil stabilisation and erosion control. Has poor shade tolerance and is susceptible to winterkill at very low temperatures. The grass has a number of pest problems (leaf spot diseases, army worms and white grub), but its rapid rate of recovery reduces the need for pesticides. It performs best under a moderate level of maintenance, but it can be used as a low maintenance grass in lawns, golf courses, parks and along roadsides. Best used in high traffic areas such as sporting grounds.


A softer, denser, more finely textured grass with a creeping growth habit. Grows into an elegant, green drought-tolerant, heat-loving, well-wearing lawn. The blades area grey-green colour and are short, usually 4 -15 cm long with rough edges. The seed heads are produced in a cluster of 3-7 spikes (rarely 2) together at the top of the stem, each spike 3-6 cm long. It has a deep root system for drought situations with ± 500 mm penetrable soil. The grass creeps along the ground and root wherever a node touches the ground, forming a dense mat. It reproduces through seeds, through runners and rhizomes.


Warm season. + 20 °C. Growth begins at temperatures above 18°c, with optimism growth between 24°C to 37°C. Grows rapidly during late spring and summer, remains green into autumn and goes dormant after a hard frost. Turns straw-coloured during the dormant period and resumes growth when average daily temperatures are again moderate. Lawn will go dormant and turn brown in cold weather and over winter. Growth is promoted by full sun and retarded by full shade.


Does well in acid to neutral 5.5 - 7.0 pH fertile Soil. Apply 225 - 450 g nitrogen to 100 m² each month during active growing period. Apply more if needed to boost appearance or repair wear damage.


Full sun. Suited to sunny locations or areas with 10% - 20% shade throughout the day.


Needs more fertilizer and mowing upkeep. Mow 1,25 - 2,5 cm high. Mow twice a week during active growth, especially in summer, otherwise lawn may yellow. Very resistant to disease and pests. A top choice for high visibility landscapes, golf courses and home lawns with owners willing to tolerate its high maintenance requirements and heat. Can mow only 2 - 3 times a year if there is no traffic or water. Mow 1,25 - 6,25 cm high.


Water regularly to keep at its best, it can tolerate some dryness.

Cynodon, Known As Bermuda Grass family: there are some of the 128 varieties which we provide:

Water regularly to keep at its best, it can tolerate some dryness.

Cynodon Transvallensis:

This is best for bowling greens and grows very short on the ground so can be cut short. It grows in the warm season and is a high maintenance lawn. Cynodon Penicicolas (Cape Royal) similer to passpalim natatim Used on golf courses and wetlands, and can take high traffic in summer..

Golf Green:

Hybrid of the Cynoden family, a short growing grass if well treated and dark green in colour.